Community Liasons


Community Liasons

Production sites for oil and gas on- and offshore, the mining and processing of oil sands/bitumen, the refineries for crude oil and finally the industries based on refined products cause major impacts on the natural and environmental conditions and the health of men, flora and fauna.

For instance the environmental stress caused by offshore oil development may cause different responses including complex transformation. The flowchart below illustrates the possible negative impacts caused on higher marine organisms, including commercial fish species.

Complex impacts of offshore oil development on marine organisms including commercial fish (Patin, 1999)

In any LAKEL project HSE-issues are carefully addressed and managed early in the project so as to avoid increased risk of adverse schedule and cost impacts as well as increased probability of operational incidents which has the tendency to negatively impact business. In order to address the challenges of HSE, HSE management plans are prepared prior to basic engineering and project sanction. The plans have strict adherence to international, national and local agenda, as well as strict corporate regulations.

At LAKEL, HSE specialists make sure that safety and environmental regulations are observed strictly by corporate guidelines, personnel training and case- oriented support

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