LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM is committed to protect from harm or damage the environment and minimising risk to its employees, contractors and the communities in which the Company works.

Through developing sustainable long-term relationships with its partners and the community, LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM aims to conduct business and enhance value in a responsible manner. LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM aspires to achieve the highest standards of HSE performance, to earn the confidence of those with whom it works and to be a good neighbour.

LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM is driving the growth of the market  in West Africa Heavy oil and gas market. Considering our contribution to heavy oil and gas. We believe our concept of ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) assumes the center stage.

Our concept of ‘corporate social responsibility’ emphasizes upon the duties of our organization, established within society and how we effectively contribute towards social, economic and environmental progress that would pave the way for positive transformation.

 Our CSR developed into a strategic issue and gained visibility as a concept whereby social and environmental concerns got integrated with our business with other companies and our interaction with stakeholders.

We acknowledge the fact that our CSR is part of our organizational ethics and this has led to an increase in expectations of what our company owe to the society. We can witness a commendable growth of ethical codes of conduct in corporations and social reporting.

LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM does not compromise with the wellbeing of our employees. This responsible behaviour is a key cause of our long-term business success. For LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM   this means:

  • acting with reverence for people, communities and the environment;
  • acting evidently with all stakeholders in full respect of the rule of law and human rights;
  • contributing to the development goals and value creation objectives of host countries;
  • integrating the principles of sustainable development and corporate responsibility into our business strategy, planning, decision-making and operating management systems; and performance relating to ethics, human rights, employees, health and safety, environment and communities.

LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM is an established Heavy oil and gas exploration and production company with a clear business model and growth strategy. At this stage of its development,                                                                                                                                  LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM is focused on exploration and appraisal activities in West Africa Oil Fields. The Company has targeted  West Africa  oil and gas, Bitumen ,onshore and offshore project ,combined with favourable fiscal terms, have the potential to deliver high value reserves and consequential investment value. Our objective is to add value by finding, appraising, developing and producing bitumen , and oil and gas deposits in our area of focus.

We apply sensible corporate governance practices commensurate with our size and current level of operational activities, which we believe helps us in our objectives.

International best practice is our company’s practice, taking account of our businesses in heavy oil and gas and mining; more effective practice, in the interests of achieving rapid results; and global acceptable practice, allowing improvements to governance.

Our policy are guided by a clear vision for the development of heavy oil and gas ,mining industry with a strategic view of how the Hydrocarbon  sector of our company will deliver that vision. 

LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM is committed to protecting the health and safety of all of those who can either directly or indirectly be affected by business activities and to minimise any adverse effects to the environment.

The collective HSE attitudes and behaviour at LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM determine our HSE climate and therefore our outcomes and performance.

Our role is to embed health, safety and environmental values across LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM operations, to create an incident free working environment and be recognised as the industry reference company for HSE.

Using the key ingredients of leadership and communication, our message is targeted to each audience to ensure everyone is engaged in the most impactful and effective manner to inspire the attitudes and behaviours which maintain a true and lasting HSE climate within LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM.

The Health, Safety and Environment Policy shall be designed to protect the health and safety of its employees and population at large, protection of the environment, the host communities and the protection of the assets of the population and company property.

The policy ensures that all work is carried out in full compliance to all relevant regulations or requirements of safe practices. It shall be based on assessing all hazards and known potential dangers of our work sites, and preventing or controlling them through risk analysis and project management to avoid personal injury, maintaining an effective schedule of equipment maintenance, requiring the use of protective equipment and guards, and implement procedures to detect and correct unsafe practices and conditions.

LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM support their client projects and operations through securing a working environment that provides a basis for a productive and optimized working situation, that affords safety from harmful influences.

LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM has a world-wide network of working environment specialists across the company with broad experience from a wide range of industries and disciplines.

We see working environment as integral part of managing safety.

Our competences in technical design, industry operations in the Heavy oil and gas industry can help you understand how to design for and manage working environment in your organization.

We trust that a good working environment can be achieved through a balanced understanding of threats and enhancing appropriate factors that influence productivity and human deed.

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