TitleTypeTraining GroupDateLocation
General Safety Course& Safety Competency Level 1 &2TechnicalNigerian Institute of Safety ProfessionalOn RequestAbuja Nigeria
Introduction to ProjectManagementManagerial Wider PersepectiveOn RequestAbuja Nigeria
Project ManagementTrainingManagerialImpact Training CenterOn RequestAbuja Nigeria
Economic & Financialof a ProjectManagerialRRA & C Professional ServicesOn RequestAbuja Nigeria
Risk ManagementTechnicalNigerian Institute of Safety ProfessionalOn RequestAbuja Nigeria
Training & Development

LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM LIMITED have developed a training programme for all personnel in order to achieve higher productivity for its clients. The training programme will also try to ensure that our personnel have skills, attitude and commitment to flexibly respond to whatever changes that may occur, whether internally or externally. This will give the ultimate goal of higher market share and increased profit. It is our policy to provide training for all staff in order that they can perform their individual job vehicle through which new skills can be acquired and existing skills developed. This allows individual members of staff to give maximum contribution that will be of benefit to the company. The training manager is responsible for ensuring that training and education activity is directed towards the achievement of LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM LIMITED business objective.

Day to day management of all trainings and education activity is the responsibility of our company ,as well as coaching in immediate work process and tasks and inducting new staff into the company. The development of training programme and subsequent budget submission is initiated by our training managers for review by our Chief executive Officer.

Course content is developed by the training coordinators (Project Management Services, Project Health Control, Maintenance services, Research and Development, Safety and Quality Assurance) in association with the Training Manager.

Attendance on external courses has specific approval by the Board of Directors to Training Manager, and the Base Managers and COREN Engineers employed by the company and its compulsory to all staff to meet with international Standard and Best practise. Control of the training and education budget is the responsibility of the Training Manager who reports to the Chief executive Officer. The total cost of training and education will be contained within the relevant budget, as agreed on an annual basis.

Our company’s formal training courses will be supplemented on the job training and a major role of the Training Department is to provide support to Managers in their role as trainers. This support goes well beyond simply running training methods and provision of equipment and facilities. The training department is available for advice, assistance and support to managers to enable them to fulfil their responsibility regarding training.

All training request reflect needs and will be treated sensitively by the training department giving the best possible service to the business. Training resources are dependent on several factors, for example, budget and the training priorities necessary to fulfil LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM LIMITED objectives. Consequently, there may be occasion when a training request may be postponed or refused due to other priorities. In these circumstances the Board of Directors has the final arbiter. Each member of staff has access to LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM LIMITED training facilities by direct communication with the Training Department or via their immediate supervisor.

Training data is held on the SAP system and can be accessed by the Training Department in Head Office and by nominated representatives at each base. Training records should be reviewed and updated every 6 months to ensure that all qualification records are current. At the same time, LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM LIMITED personal logbook should be updated to ensure that all rational personnel carry a copy of their current qualifications.

Training and development needs will be identified through the annual employee appraisal, carried out by respective Managers at which time a "Training and Development Form" will be completed detailing requirement for the next 12months. However, a formalized training competence and progression system is in place for all employees.

Sitting Arrangement During Training And Development with the following equipment:

  • Board & Markers, Flip Chart & Markers, LCD Projector, Projection Screen & Computers.
  • Slide
  • Video conferencing set up
  • Internet Availability to Network and for Research and Development
  • Software and tools Availability for Respective Course

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