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LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM LTD is also an indigenous Nigerian company registered with Ministry of Mines and Steel development and Mining CADESTRE extracting bitumen, and minerals in Nigeria. Since inception, we have relied on past experience of our various experts in our company, with the application of new technologies from our hubs to our various fields. We are also involved in technological enhancement and advancement in oil and bitumen fields to reduce cost, improve production and optimise deliveries.

We are positioned to contribute immensely to current and future trends in bitumen and mineral fields in Africa. Our vision is to become the best result provider in oil and gas, mining and refining industries in the country; we are focused by a strong sense of dedication to efficient product delivery. Our company has the ability, experience and capacity to implement a purposeful and collaborative strategy with a number of leading oil and gas companies to enhance their products and services.

We also contribute to the local content initiative in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. We have examined opportunities using technology to reduce cost and implement effective solutions to our client projects, we also carry a responsibility to meet our common challenge, look for solutions.
It is important to set the framework and the conditions to make the right decisions in the oil and gas industry of our country. We have worked relentlessly towards our ultimate goal of technological solutions, research and development to deliver to the country’s oil and gas industry.

We are closer than ever to realising our goal of exploring the hydrocarbon potential, refining it and look forward to the future surplus with excitement and confidence. As a wholly owned Nigerian company, we deliver technical solutions to upstream, midstream and downstream areas of the industry. We will continue to build our technical team to global standards and best practice. The helm of progress for Nigeria need to remain excellent and Lakel Afrik Petroleum is dynamically prepared and positioned to contribute to it fully.
We are ready to serve, deliver and be dutiful in our entire endeavour to our client’s expectation.

Dr Lawrence Ajayi
Chief Executive Officer


  • Full Client / Company integration in an organisation with clarity of communication at all levels.
  • First consideration to products and services from indigenous organisations.
  • Creation of Value in business for the benefit of all. Individual and company benefit in LAKEL operations is a result not a condition.
  • Recognition of Nigeria's abundant mineral resources as an investment in future generations.
  • Community Development as a prime motivator for excellence in LAKEL operations.
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